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Bossa, Soul, Jazz, Rock or Dance Tracks, every band is specialized on a specific genre or has a main emphasis in the music they present.


A dynamic Trio, that commited itself to traditional Austrian music, welcoming other music styles and open for new ideas.  

A cappella

4 men and 4 voices, this is all it needs to create a unique sound experience.

Gigga Neunteufel

Gigga Neunteufel is an actress, moderator and master of ceremonies for business events, balls, congresses and any events similar to that. She develops the guiding thread through your event and includes the important interests of the company. Knowing Vienna flawlessly, she writes theater pieces for companies that fit the situation and location.


The ballet dancers are captivating because of their expressive power, their precision, their stile and elegance, as soloists as well as as couple.

Master of Ceremonies

The master of ceremony conducts every event like a common thread. He welcomes the guests, announces the menu, pronounces important facts and the order of events in the course of an evening and presents speakers or honoured guests.

Fanfare wind players

The fanfare wind players accompany the guests when entering the venue and announce speakers or show acts during the course of the evening.


Tenors are vain and stupid, that’s the prejudiced opinion. Precisely with the help of this stereotype Thomas Sigwald, who is the spiritual father and producer of “0perettts”, and Thomas Enzinger, who is the director of the play, formed a musically excellent, wonderfully self-mocking concert evening.


A christmas cabaret musical: The depressive Christkind sees itself as the victim of globalisation and is desperate because of the popularity of Santa Claus.

Willi Weitzel

Willi Weitzel’s full name is Helmar Rudolf Willi Weitzel, he is one of the most famous presenters in Germany’s children’s programmes. He became known with his TV series „Willi wills wissen“. Together with the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna he recorded the CD „Peter and the Wolf“ and produced a DVD at the same time, the live performances of "Peter and the wolf" are highly successful.

Christmas Carolers

The Christmas Carolers are Austrias first vocal quartett, which presents international christmas songs according to the old tradition of the american Caroling groups.

Leadership Orchestra

Team building and trainings for executives in a musical way by conducting workshops and orchestra trainings and many more.

MoZuluArt feat. A4W

It is a fusion of traditional zulu music with classical music based mainly on Mozart compositions hence the name MoZuluArt. The musicians try to fuse these two music styles in a way that leaves room to the original song and style and not absorb a lot from it so that it stays with it´s authenticity.

Ambros singt Moser

Together with the Ambassade orchestra Vienna and with Christian Kolonovits as conductor, Wolfgang Ambros produced a hommage to the famous Austrian artist Hans Moser. The protagonists had the idea to unite the power of a classical orchestra and the voice of the famous Austro-Pop Singer with the traditional Wienerlied and the humoristic way of Hans Moser to something totally new. A very diversified project on the artistic level which is at the same time a tribute to Hans Moser and bygone era.

Beatboxer feat. A4W

A human beatbox, who is also playing didgeridoo and jaw harp, and four classic musicians provided a sound experience never heard before.

Tom X feat. A4W

Together with the Ambassade Quartett Vienna TomX provides his audience with exceptional the combination of Classic music, with live Saxophon and Drum&Bass.

Charlie Chaplin

With this programm the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna provides its audience with an extraordinary cinematic experience. The orchestra plays the original film music of Charlie Chaplin’s well know films e.g. „the Kid“.

B. Helfgott u. R. Vienna

Barbara Helfgott is performing as solo violinist as well as with small ensembles and orchestras of different sizes. "Rondo Vienna", which was founded by Barbara Helfgott, has become well-known first of all to lovers of classic music, but very soon to enthusiasts of pop and musical too.

Cuarteto Cameselle

The musicians of Cuarteto Cameselle dedicate themselves to Tango and the Tango music of Gardels, Goyeneches and Piazzolla. With deep respect the musicians approach the music of these famous composers and interpreters and seek their own way and style of playing. Temperatment and passion, longing and melancholy inspire the musicians on their journey.


The charming young ladies of Saxo4 manage the balancing act of entertainment and expectation. Together with their four saxophones they entertain and enthuse on stage on the highest artistic level.

Martina Dorak

Martina Dorak is an experienced opera and operetta singer and well known for her Soprano parts in the Wiener Volksoper as well as during various performances in Austria and on international stages.

Elisabeth Sykora

Elisabeth Sykora is famous for her "Lieder- and Operetta-evenings" and as a soprano singer with a repertoire reaching from operetta to modern age. She regularly performs with various orchestras as well as a solo singer presenting opera, operetta, musical als well as sacred music.

Martina Hetzenauer

The Austrian Soprano singer Martina Hetzenauer studied at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Graz and Vienna. She is regularly performing in Vienna as well as at various locations in Austria and abroad.

Isabel Seebacher

Isabel Seebacher grew up in Klagenfurt, where she started her comprehensive artistic education which included Piano, Singing, Ballet and Drama. Isabel moved into the soprano repertoire as her voice naturally and effortlessly developed into the higher regions.

Marcela Cerno

Marcela Cerno is a manifold artist and came into contact with music at a very early age. Her career is multifaceted, she is famous as a musical singer as well as for her parts in opera and operetta productions.

Thomas Sigwald

Thomas Sigwald is a highly sophisticated singer and well known for his manifold opera, operetta and musical repertoire. Moreover he is producing and acting his new concert programs e.g the operetta-concert-cabaret “operettas”.

Stephen Chaundy

Born in London, Stephen Chaundy trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and the Welsh College of Music and Drama. He has already performed at many well known opera houses all around Europe and was member of the Viennese Volksoper.

Pablo Cameselle

The Spanish tenor Pablo Cameselle began his singing training in Argentina. As a young artist won the 1st Price at Festivales Musicales in Buenos Aires and was awarded a scholarship to complete his studies abroad at the Conservatory of Vienna, where he works and lives since that.


The DJ's special interests concentrates on Latin, Funk, Soul, Worldmusic and Jazz. Because of his wide spectrum and repertoire DJ Silvio can adjust the choice of music on the individual an special wishes of the audience.


The speciality of the DJ-Duo is that they take turns on the turn tables while the other one accompanies the music with a live instrument, either violine or bongos.


Update enthuses their audience as well as fans of ballroom dancing with a well-chosen repertoire consisting of Pop, Funk, Latin, Swing and Rock’n’Roll.


Melotronic is a stunning combination of live-performance and selected electronical music, created by a soulful DJane / singer and energetic saxophonist.


The Tango Quartett Pandora’s Box was formed by four musicians, all of them coming from different parts of Europe, who have found each other because of their passion for Tango.


The concerts of the Marchfeldschrammel stand for amusing hours with a cheerful atmosphere and music on the highest artistic level. The versatile programme includes well known pieces of the classic Wiener Volksmusik including F. Schubert, J. Strauß as well as J. Schrammel.

Heurigen Duo

The duo „Die Cousins“, a duo comprised of violine and accordion, stands for authentic, instrumental Wiener Musik, the repertoire includes typical Wienermusik, Waltz melodies, songs and polkas.


The instrumentation, including flügelhorn and two trumpets as melody instrumentens and tuba, harp and a traditonal styrian harmonica as rhythm instruments, provides the special and characteristic sound of Austrian folk music.

Aliosha Biz-Trio

Aliosha and his colleagues are well know for their interpretations of traditional Wiener Musik, Schrammelmusik and Klezmer in and around Vienna.

Primus Brass

Because of it’s distinctive sound Primus Brass is one of the most unusual Brass formations in Austria. The ensemble includes 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba and drums. The musicians offer world music of the highest class.


Cornelia Mayer is one of the best-known zither players of our time. She displays her diverse repertoire on the Viennese zither at solo performances in and around Vienna, as well as with other musicians in different ensembles.

Mario's Jazz Corner

The instrumentation of Mario's Jazz Corner is typical for jazz ensembles especially trios. The the repertoire is manifold and includes jazzstandards, own compositions and classic works arrangend for this specific instrumentation and style.


The name of the band Elastique is characterizing for it’s most important feature, the flexibility of the band in terms of size: from duo to quartets. The musicians present groovy jazzsounds and well know jazzstandards.

Geremus Trio

The „Geremus Trio“ is a Jazz-Formation presenting Jazz standards of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli and their contemporaries.

The Swing Trio

The most common pieces of the Swing era, as well as often forgotten titels of this genre, are now included in the repertoire of the ensemble. Highly developed arrangements, virtuous improvisation and hot riffs enthuse the audience in concert halls as well as Jazz clubs and during many other occasions.

Julia Siedl-Trio

Julia Siedl is confident, imaginative and „out of the box“ when playing the piano, moreover, she shows her Know-How through her compositional abilities. She can, without doubt, be seen as one of the female pioneers of the jazz scene in Austria.

Jazz pianist

The jazz pianist focuses on piano adaptations of famous Pop and Jazz compositions, another emphasis is on songs which became world famous through films


VSJP was founded in 1983 by Siegfried Küblböck as a sextett, but grew into a eleven-people-ensemble up to now. During the recent years more and more jazz-loving musicians from the Wiener Symphoniker joined the ensemble, who would like to express their passion for Jazz in that way.

Flip Philipp Quartett

The Flip Philipp Quartett is as well characterized by all the ideas and improvisations of this extraordinary artist. The repertoire includes groovy Jazz from Standard compositions to his own compositions.

Ambassade Orchestra Vienna

The standard repertoire of the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna reaches from entertaining classic works e.g. ouvertures, waltz, polka, operetta to symphonic works and original compositions.

Ambassade Quartett Vienna

Quartetts and Divertimenti of the Viennese Classic (J. Haydn, W. A. Mozart m.m.) and Viennese Music by Johann Strauss and his contemporaries as well as Tango and Ragtimes

Viennese Primroses

The musicians present Classic by Mozart, Haydn and others as well as Viennese music by Johann Strauss and his contemporaries wearing classic, golden Biedermeier costumes.

Lidia Baich

Lidia Baich is one of the most famous solo violinist world wide. Together with the pianist Matthias Fletzberger, her band and the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna, she presents various programmes e.g. Rock meets Classic


The three female musicians of ViCelLa are all members of the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna, their repertoire reaches from the Baroque music of J. S. Bach to various pieces of different composers of the Viennese Classic to virtuous musical works of the Romanic era.

Woodwind Trio

The repertoire of the woodwind trio ranges from arrangements of the Baroque period to the original compositions of the 19th century and contemporary compositions e.g. J. S. Bach., G. F. Händel, D. Milhaud, G. Gershwin

Viennese Ball Orchestra

The repertoire of the typical Viennese Ball Orchestra includes traditional dance music and extends from waltz and polka to marches as well as tangos

Vindobona Brass

The Brass Quintett Vindobona Brass is composed of five outstanding brass musicians, who provide the best suitable music for every event. The programme includes arrangements of different eras and genres: Viennese music as well as gospel, filmmusic and classic music (J.S. Bach, G.F. Händel).

Dalbergia Trio

The Dalbergia Trio is a classic woodwind trio in the orchestration flute, clarinette and bassoon and is characterstic for the Harmoniemusik of the pre-classical and classic era.

Conductor Christian Schulz

Christian Schulz is founder of the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna and at the same time member of the Wiener Symphoniker. He plays the cello and works as conductor and arranger with orchestras world wide.

Conductor Russell McGregor

Russell McGregor is one of the conductors of the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna as well as conductor and first violinist of the Schönbrunner Schlossorchester and member of the Wiener Conzertvereins (Kammerorchester der Wiener Symphoniker). Morover Russell McGregor is the conductor of the Johann Strauß Ensemble and famous for his interpretations of Johann Strauß' works.

Conductor Martin Kerschbaum

Martin Kerschbaum is a member of the Vienna Symphony orchestra and moreover working as a conductor since more that 15 years. He is the head conductor of the "Vienna Classical Players" and regularly working together with the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna.

Conductor Gergely Sugar

Gergely Sugar is a conductor and as a horn player he is a member of the Vienna Symphony orchestra. Furthermore, Gergely Sugar is University Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz,


The pianist plays classic works from W.A. Mozart to J. Strauss as well as operettas and highlights from film music and musical


The harp is one of the most beautiful plucking instruments and suitable for every kind of event. The repertoire is manifold and includes various musical styles.

Classic Guitar

The classical repertoire of the guitarist includes among others A. Piazzolla “Verano Porteño”, Q. Sinesi “Contre Marea”, F. Moreno-Torroba “Castillos de España”, M. Giuliani “Rossiniana 1” and F. Sor “Variationen über ein Thema von Mozart”.

Fagott It!

The musicians' intention is to present the distinctive sound of their instrument in a pure way. The Repertoire of Fagott It! reaches from Baroque to contemporary music

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