Dance Band

The roots of the dance band can be found in the southern Burgenland in the 1960ies. In 1975 the members of the dance band at that time counted 250 performances, which was an absolute record. During the last view years, the musicians could be mainly heard in and around Vienna, even though they still perform all over Austria. The capellmeister is conducting the band already in third generation.

The orchestration is typical for a dance band, even though it cannot be found in Austria any second time:
Styrian accordion

Because of this orchestration, the musicians have to arrange all the scores for every single piece they are playing themselves, which makes them unique.

The repertoire includes marches (e.g. Wien bleibt Wien, Deutschmeister Regimentsmarsch), Bohemian, Moravian and Austrian polkas (e.g. Leben heißt lieben, Liebe und Musik, Böhmischer Traum), various waltz and waltz songs (z.b. Einer hat immer das Bummerl, Alter Lindenbaum, Der alte Jäger). Moreover, the musicians present songs to dance from Frank Sinatra to Glenn Miller as well as Peter Alexander and Elvis Presley (z.b. Moonlight Serenade, Are you lonesome tonight, Aber dich gibts nur einmal für mich, My way)

As manifold as the repertoire as manifold are the events where the dance band can be found performing: events, incentives, congresses, company events, balls, morning pints, evening festivities and many more.