Elisabeth Sykora

Elisabeth  Sykora was born in Tulln and attended the Vienna University for Music and Performing Arts (Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst ). She took solo singing lessons with Prof. Franz Lukasovsky, studied Lied and Oratorio with Walter Berry and Robert Holl as well as opera singing with Bülter Marell and Michael Temme. She graduated in 1999 with a diploma for opera as well as one for Lied and oratorio. After finishing University she took post – graduate singing courses with Hanno Blaschke / Munich, Sonja Turcchetta / Milano, Vera Rosza / London, Sena Jurinac / Vienna, Helena Lazarska / Santiago de Compostella and Hilde Zadek in Vienna.

Of equal importance to her operatic work, with parts from Mozart and her Lied recitals, is Elisabeth Sykora´s work with contemporary music. Therefore, a number of contemporary Austrian compositors have dedicated their compositions to the singer who performed them in their premieres. Various orchestras and chamber orchestras accompanied numerous CD and radio recordings of the singer.

Elisabeth Sykora appeared as the Countess in “Die Hochzeit des Figaro”, Elvira in “Don Giovanni”, Mrs. Pinkerton in “The old maid and the thief”, the Mother in “Die Verwandlung”, Maria in “Lazarus” and Juliette in “Hoffmanns Erzählungen”. After giving recitals with Lieder by Weill, Barber and Bernstein, she was acclaimed at the Festival „Barocco na Bahiha“ in Brazil for her outstanding interpretation of Bach. In autumn 2005 Elisabeth Sykora went on her second tour with music by Dieter Kaufmann, this time trough Russia. This year she also taught at the College for Music (Landeskonservatorium) in Eisenstadt. She went to Slovenia Croatia, China, Mongolia, USA, Luxemburg, Germania, Spain, Israel, Italia, France… In June 2008 Elisabeth Sykora sang the “Evokation” in Klagenfurt and the “Adiago” 2003 in Paris. In the summer 2011 she sang in a new production of Dieter Kaufmann, for 2012 a number of Solo-concerts were arranged with her Ensemble and she worked on a new record with modern music.

Elisabeth Sykora often sings as solo soprano in the Viennese Stefansdom. She was a member of the Schönbrunner Schlossorchester, and often sings with “Ars Musica”. Apart from that, she founded her own Barock Ensemble with Organ, Trumpet and Soprano. Moreover, she is famous for her “Lieder- and Operetta-evenings” and as a soprano singer with a repertoire reaching from operetta to modern age. She regularly performs with various orchestras as well as a solo singers presenting opera, operetta, musical als well as sacred music.