Tenors are vain and stupid, that’s a common prejudiced opinion. With the help of this particular stereotype Thomas Sigwald, who is the spiritual father and producer of “0perettts”, and Thomas Enzinger, who is the director of the play, formed a musically excellent, wonderfully self-mocking concert evening. Operettts leads back to the soul and the spirit of this “unprecedented art”. Violent tenors and Monty Python sends his regards! Three singers find themselves on the stage, each of them in the belief, that he is going to present a solo programme. This starting situation – absurd in itself – gathers momentum to humorous and musical surprises. Taken out of its context, variedly thrown together and with the participation of the audience an entirely new work arises at the end. An inconceivable operetta concert, just operettts. Whether arias, medleys, sing along, rap, Schuachplattler, or a capella ensembles – that’s what “operettts”, with the three ts, is all about.

After the great success of the first performance in the ORF Kulturhaus in Vienna, operettts also conquered the Swiss audience and was a huge success in the “Operettenmetropole Baden“.

Here you can find scenes from Operettts 2012 and Operettts 2013