Aliosha Biz Trio

Aliosha Biz was born 1970 in Moscow into an artistic family. He received his first violin lessons at the Moscow central music school from Zinaida Gilels, Natalia Gvozdetzki and Boris Garlitzki. Between 1986 and 1989 he studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky-Conservatory. As a member of the Moscow Youth Orchestra he played numerous concerts in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Aliosha has lived in Vienna since 1989. He gave his first public concert in Vienna’s pedestrian precinct, where he was discovered by Hans Tschiritsch – Viennas famous Multitalent. Shortly afterwards Aliosha performed with Lena Rothstein and Albert Timman (jiddish Songs).

Aliosha became stronger involved with Jewish Music during the years. He played with different Klezmer-Ensembles: Frejlech, Scholem Alejchem, Kohelet 3, Akvetana-Quartett, with the main Cantor of the Vienna sinagoge Shmuel Barzilai, he also accompanied the famous singing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach through his last European Tour in 1994. Both appeared in the Film “Baal Shem Tov” (Dir. Georg Lhotsky). In 1995 Aliosha participated in the big show “Hava Nagila” in “Ronacher Theater”, for which the Austrian-Israeli Singer Timna Brauer gathered 50 Jewish musicians from all over the world on stage. Later Aliosha became a member of the Meiri-Brauer Ensemble with whom he played until 1998 and recorded two CDs.

In 1996 Aliosha was invited to perform as a “fiddler on the roof” in the eponymous musical at the State Theater in Klagenfurt. This was the start of his impassioned relationship with musical theater which led him to several engagements in Austria and Germany. He became an independent artist, and an original violinist, which made him not only the Fiddler on the Roof of the nation, but generally a much-demanded man in the Viennese art scene.

Aliosha Biz is a convinced cosmopolitan. Members of his family, whom he regulary visits, live on 4 different continents. Moreover, his musical career has always been international: he played Rembetiko (Greek Blues) with „Lakis & Achwach“, recorded a flamenco CD with Angela La Gazpacho, and with Maria Bill – a Jacques Brel CD. He performed with a tunesian Oud player Dhafer Youssef in the Viennese jazz temple „Porgy & Bess”, with the Russian-Israeli Singer Shani Ben Canar in the Acoustic Drive Orchestra, and with the Brazilian star Alegre Corrêa he took part in the concert series “Brasil Universo”. Playing concerts he visited Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Sweden, France, Slovakia, Belgium, Liechtenstein, the USA, Canada, Israel, Maroc and Brazil.