Marchfeld Schrammeln

The ensemble consists of five enthusiastic musicians, a charming female singer and one humorous moderator, who have been brought together because of their love for Schrammelmusik. The musicians have extended the typical Schrammelmusik formation: two violins and a contraguitar perform alternating with a button accordeon and a G-clarinet. Therefore, a versatile programme including well known pieces of the classic Wiener Volksmusik are presented, including F. Schubert, J. Strauß as well as J. Schrammel. The musicians perform the most beautiful waltz, polkas, „Harben Tanz“ and Wiener Musik.

The concerts of the Marchfeldschrammel stand for amusing hours with a cheerful atmosphere and music on the highest artistic level. The musicians perform just with their instruments 0n the one hand side as well as with an additional female singer and a moderator on the other hand. The moderator entertains with interesting and amusing stories about life in Vienna. The programme of each concert can be modulated according to the topic and atmosphere of each event.