Cornelia Mayer is one of the best-known zither players of our time. She studied bassoon at the Universities of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and Graz and zither at the Konservatorium Wien University. As a musician, she has been in high demand for orchestras for many years.

Cornelia Mayer displayed her manifold repertoire on the Viennese zither at solo performances at the Musikverein Vienna, at the Belvedere Vienna at the celebration of the jubilee of 50 Years of the Austrian Treaty, at the New Year’s Concert of the Nuremberg Symphony Orchstra, in England for the Anglo Austrian Society and on many more occasions. She can also been heard at recordings on CDs and records by EMI, Extraplatte, Speedy Musikverlag, among others.

Her distinctive musical performances in the typical Viennese zither style at International Meetings and Company events remain unforgettable highlights for the guests. Cornelia Mayer is the author of the book „The Zither Music of Anton Karas“(2013), of a three volume music book on zither, called „Starting Easily“ and the publisher of the brochure „Again, you played very, very beautifully today“ about the chamber zither player of the Emperor Karl and Empress Zita Habsburg, Hans Lanner.

Cornelia Mayer teaches children and teenagers at the „Musikschule Wien“ (School for Music Vienna) and students of zither worldwide via Skype.